Forma110 houses the consulting and organizational services for exhibitions. It is conceived as a space for artists and creative of diverse disciplines to give form – physically and symbolically – to their exhibition projects. 

Forma curated, presents a series of immersive experiences with a focus on personal well being.  Conceived as experiential circumstances of short duration these immersive experiences amplify the possibilities of the aesthetic impact, in which art acts as a vehicle to provoke esthetic stimuli meant to animate personal conscience in an affective, effective and innovative manner with the ultimate aim to impact personal (each participants’) well being.

Designed with the aim to activate our personal conscience through impactful aesthetic stimuli – visual, gustatory and participatory – these experiences replace the banality of spectacle with the emotive qualities of coexistence, game, and meaningful entertainment curated around a character or theme.  Reflecting in new ways’ to experience art.

Paola Creixell and Mariana Valdés, in their search to define what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, developed a platform that invites research and reflection on diverse and relevant contemporary themes. They propose knowledge as a generator of consciousness in a space outside of social norms, prejudices and institutions;  a community which offers a space to connect with creative power while sharing a passion for art.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to enquire about our projects and events.